Unusual Surplus for Robot Builders

Posted 9 Sep 2001 at 15:01 UTC by steve Share This

Philips has discontinued its $650 IS2630 WebPhone product. Each unit contains an Intel SA-1100 133/206MHz StrongARM CPU, 16MB RAM, 4MB of Bootable Flash, 2 PCMCIA slots, a Sharp LM8V31 DSTN 640x480x8 LCD Touchpanel and more stuff (see below). 1,400 of the units were sold as scrap and found there way to Mark Oberg of Caldera who began working on a Linux port that would boot on the WebPhone's ARM motherboard. About 900 of the units are still available for sale at $99 each. For more info see the TuxScreen web site.

Here's a more detailed list of specs for the unit. See the web site for more specs and photos of the unit.

  • Intel SA-1100 StrongARM CPU clocked to 133/206 Mhz
  • 16 MB EDO/DRAM -> 8 MB onboard + one 8 MB 72 pin SODIMM
  • 4 MB BootableFlash on two Am29LV160DB-120EC chips
  • 512k serial DataFlash, on one AT45DB041A-RC
  • 2 3.3v PCMCIA slots
  • 1 serial port, tested at 115.2k
  • POTS (phone) connections
  • Sharp LM8V31 DSTN 640X480x8 Color TouchScreen
  • LucentDSP UnderRFShield
  • Infrared Keyboard
  • receive InfraredPort for the keyboard (Reading codes using code from the lirc project)
  • PowerSupply

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