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Robot Brain Surgeon

Posted 7 Sep 2001 at 03:49 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

This article on New Scientist and this article on Yahoo (Reuters) and this article on Wired (and probably many other news sites) talks about PathFinder a London robot brain surgeon. A surgeon looks at the brain scan and tells the robot where to work (like the surgeon sort of points out a tumor). The PathFinder robot then uses CT scan images and some titanium locations markers to help it locate where to position it's robot arm to do simple tasks like pushing a tiny needle instrument into an entry point and holding it steady at the tumor site while the surgeon takes a biopsy. In the future the robot will be expected take biopsies on it's own.

We posted an article on this last month, posted 7 Sep 2001 at 13:24 UTC by steve » (Master)

For more info, see our previous article about Pathfinder's approval in the UK for clinical trials.

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