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Pathfinder Neurosurgery Robot

Posted 26 Aug 2001 at 15:36 UTC by steve Share This

According to an article in the Guardian, the Pathfinder Neurosurgery Robot has been approved by the UK Medical Devices Agency and will now begin clinical trials. Pathfinder, made by Armstrong Healthcare, is a computer assisted robotic neurosurgical device. The Pathfinder workstation accepts image data from CT, MRI, and X-Ray scanning devices. Using the image data, it plans a path through the brain from a 3mm entry hole to the target site. Once at the target site, Pathfinder operates with sub-millimeter accuracy (compared to several millimeters for human surgeons). Its accuracy will make possible operations that cannot even be attempted by humans such as correcting Parkinsons Disease by precisely applying a current that will stop debilitating tremors.

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