Air Traffic Control and Swarming

Posted 14 Aug 2001 at 21:36 UTC by steve Share This

Flocking or swarming algorithms simulate the movements of bird flocks or schools of fish. Swarming algorithms have primarily been used in gaming and simulations, though the US Air Force has proposed using the algorithm for positioning of satellite constellations. Now, GĂ©raud Granger, a researcher from CENA, suggests that such algorithms could be applied to air traffic control. Granger and colleages have proposed a distributed system, called Free flight Autonomous and Coordinated Embarked Solver (FACES), that allows airplanes to coordinate navigation and avoidance manoeuvres. New Scientist has a short article on their work.

Upward and onward to new personal freedom., posted 15 Aug 2001 at 22:52 UTC by Air » (Journeyer)

This is great!! Now combine this with Moller's Skycar and you have personal flying cars for everyone. No need to be a pilot.

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