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Posted 12 Apr 2007 at 16:08 UTC by steve Share This

An Engineer Online article reports on a new European project that aims to increase the reliability of AUVs. They hope to find ways to reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of failure or loss. All these problems seem to plague the current generation of these undersea robots. Sandor Veres of Southampton University will be leading the effort, helped by computer scientists Alessio Lomuscio of Imperial College, and many other researchers. In related news, Southampton University recently announced a design breakthrough for AUVs. Most AUVs use complex hydraulic thruster systems with as many as 350 moving parts. Southhampton has developed a simple electric thruster system with just a few moving parts. To replace the hydraulics a significant size reduction of electric thrusters had to be achieved by integrating the motor and thruster components into a single unit.

A few moving parts? How about none?, posted 12 Apr 2007 at 19:01 UTC by MDude » (Journeyer)

I wonder if anyone working with AUVs has considered using a steam engine design, like this one:

Just use an electrical coil to heat the tube instead of a candle, and you have a "no motor" electrical propelling device.

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