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Neurochip Can Rewire the Brain

Posted 26 Oct 2006 at 19:18 UTC by steve Share This

A University of Washington new release claims researchers have used an implantable chip to establish new nerve connections in the brain for motor control. It is hoped the "Neurochip" will be useful in the "rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries, stroke, or paralysis". Might come in handy to create man-made zomibies too! The research was done by Jaideep Mavoori, Eberhard E. Fetz and other UW researchers. The Neurochip itself is an 8-bit Cypress Micro PSoC microcontroller running at 3MHz. Technical details can be found in the paper, "A Miniature Implantable Computer for Functional Electrical Stimulation and Recording of Neuromuscular Activity" (PDF format). It was developed some time ago and even got an honourable mention in the 2002 Circuit Celler PSoC design challenge. Earlier uses of the neurochip including studies of moth behavior. Mavoori also developed a Khepera robot (PDF format) that emulated the Hawk moth's abiltiy to track flower movements. Evil Geniuses who need to get an early start on their Zombie armies can download detailed documentation and source code (Zip format) for the 2002 version of the Neurochip.

Looks good., posted 26 Oct 2006 at 19:22 UTC by marev » (Observer)

Beautiful and corredt work i reckon,an implanted booster chip to re-program the brains pathways and control of the body,sounds and looks right to me.

Zombies-no,Disabled people-yes,Robotic brain designs-yes., posted 26 Oct 2006 at 19:30 UTC by marev » (Observer)

I think the zombie armies is bu@@~hit though,unless powered by other electrical means "LIVING" is still required to make the brain work again,looks good for "LIVING DISABLED PEOPLE" though,hope it gets sponsorship and is used in the worlds hospitals soon.Could always be used to see what brain pathways in people are needed though,in order to replicate them in robotic designs.

Zombie Hoards, posted 27 Oct 2006 at 19:46 UTC by psychlotron » (Master)

Well, I guess I'll need that shotgun, tmp, and katana after all.

Important for peoples future though., posted 4 Nov 2006 at 19:50 UTC by Goodrobot » (Journeyer)

ZOMBIES DO NOT RUN REALLY DO THEY,you are gonna be okay.

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