Miuro the iPod Music Robot

Posted 1 Sep 2006 at 15:17 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Miuro is the new robot from Japan that turns an iPod into a dancing rolling robot boom-box that follows you from room to room. It looks like a white egg that's split open with a white ball in the middle where you insert your iPod. It has Kenwood speakers, a blue Miuro display and a remote control. It comes in White, Yellow, Red and Black. The article never really states if it was really designed to follow you around with your music, but that's what they seem to imply that it does. I don't think it will manage the stairs and I doubt it keeps you in it's line of site very well. However, they claim it's a robot and there are a few accessories such a a camera and sensors you can add to it. No mention of what you can do with the accessories, though. Again, details are sketchy but there appears to be a wireless link to a PC for downloading music and for controlling the robot but I'm not sure about it. How much would you pay to get your iPod on wheels and speakers. No, really, take a guess. Ok, how about $930 USD (108,800 yen)! I suppose that this thing is better than the iPod dog or iPod pets but, gee, a thou for a dancing iPod egg? I'm thinking, speakers, mobile, batteries, robot brain, controllable, perhaps it's worth it for what you get. It looks interesting and with the accessory add ons perhaps it's hackable?

The Swirling Brain is back!, posted 1 Sep 2006 at 15:38 UTC by steve » (Master)

Hey, nice to see a Swirling Brain post. Sorry about my own lack of posts lately, I've been a bit overwhelmed.

Opulence and Free time, posted 1 Sep 2006 at 20:03 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

I guess the only people who are really going to buy this robot is someone who is affluent.

On a side note. It's nice to have a job again. Maybe now I can afford an opulant thing every once in a while. Well naw, I have to pay the credit cards down first. It looks like while I'm on this job I may have a little down time so hopefully I can research and post articles again. So, yes, hopefully I'm back. Of course, once someone finds out you have time to burn then that time gets burned up you know, but mums the word and maybe it'll work out. :-)

Robotics is (?are?) like that. You have to have wealth and free time to afford them. It's kind of like an addiction. Are you addicted to robotics? Then, perhaps, you'll own one of these Muiro white ipod robots.

ADDICT mannnnn., posted 2 Sep 2006 at 18:51 UTC by marev » (Observer)

I am "addicted" to the ideas of robotics in the larger scale picture and the perfect match they seem to be for our overall evolution,cheers.

$930 is a bit much, posted 4 Sep 2006 at 15:36 UTC by thorn_stevens » (Journeyer)

I mean, how hard is it to keep the iPod nano around your neck? It is like, 2 ounces...

What I'd rather have is an iPod/Roomba combo. Give the little guy a bit more personality...

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