Rethinking the Thalamus

Posted 18 Aug 2006 at 22:26 UTC by steve Share This

A newly published research paper (PDF format) by Dwayne W. Godwin and other researchers, brings to light a new role of nitric oxide in the brain as well a change in the basic role of the thalamus. Previously, the thalamus was considered to be a gateway that allowed or denied sensory information as a whole to the cortex. The new research suggests a feedback loop between the senses and the cortext in which the thalamus selects which sensory data is given priority or ignored. A Health SciTech summary of the paper suggests that the nitric oxide combined with the thalamus act something like a boot loader, providing a start-up mechanism that enables complex brain operations to begin. A Slashdot article stretches the analogy even further, calling the thalamus the brain's kernel, prompting user comments on root kits, kernel naming schemes, and dual-booting.

We obviously are Organic Machines/Robots us Humans, posted 19 Aug 2006 at 16:04 UTC by marev » (Observer)

Thats the important articles above,the brain boots up just like a computer every morning when you wake up,it does the same sort of processes as a computer but disguised with all the complex organic workings.It seems day by day in recent times greater information is being discovered that proves humans are the definition of an advanced robot,its a deep subject,sort of scary but incredible if you study it. So simple though and makes us so much advancable with virtually no limits for the human race.

Heaven,Hell and our Clear Mission., posted 19 Aug 2006 at 19:06 UTC by marev » (Observer)

With research on this paricular issue here does it not feel right somehow?,ever worried about religious heaven or hell in the afterlife?,ever wondered about what happens after we die?,ever wondered what the humans true goal is?,well just think about a computer or a robot,a load of electrical signals that are living in a body of an organic machine and pick up a form of internet,heaven or hell theories were primitive to make all wondering naive people then stick to the law and make it all better in society,there could not scientifically thinking be an afterlife,if we are an organic computer,almost certainly when when we die there has to be nothing (we are an unique electrical cpu).As far as the humans true goal in this world,to realise we are just advanced machines and to make ourselves better and better and robotically evolved,to a point where there are no limitations,thanks for bringing this issue of how the brain wakes up literally like a computer turns on Steve,you make me remember my early ideas and thoughts,cheers.

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