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White Box Robotics Production Update

Posted 25 Apr 2006 at 18:39 UTC by steve Share This

James Bruton writes "The White Box Robotics PC bot is back on and the delivery date is 'supposed to be' end of May. The WhiteBox / Frontline people have started communicating again and there are some pics up on the site. This is the mini-itx PC based bot that supposed to be a modern day Heathkit Hero style thing." According to the recent status update posted on the 914 PC Bots site, the White Box rep says, "We've tried to keep the classic look, streamlined a little, but you'll instantly notice some obvious differences with a few more yet to come. Firstly, around the bottom is a navigation sensor array with open slots for more. These may move as our final safety testing continues but the array itself will stay there. Secondly, the handles previously on the sides are now moved just under the 5.25" bays - done largely because we've significantly changed the centre of gravity on the unit - it's lower and hence more stable at faster speeds." A 3D rendering and exploded diagram of the redesigned robot was also posted. Is the delivery date for real this time? I hope so but we'll believe when a real production unit shows up for review.

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