PC/104 Design Contest Winners Announced

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The PC/104 Consortium has announced the winners of their 2006 design contest. The one we're interested in is the Category III Research Project winner. It's a small mobile robot, apparently named "Type 1", built around the PC/104 form factor as a series of modules. The modules can be added or removed as needed for the research applications. There's a camera module, compass module, gyroscope module, even a module with an integrated 3 DOF arm. The PC/104 news release does not provide the name of the organization that built this entry but it looks like it was designed by a University. The description indicates students have used the robot for several research projects.

More info about Philippe's Robot, posted 11 Apr 2006 at 14:18 UTC by Rog-a-matic » (Master)

PC104 Design Contest 2006 winner for category 3 was presented by Jeff Child of the PC104 Consortium to Philippe Lucidarme who came all the way from France to accept the award. The ceremony was held at the Hyatt hotel across the street from the San Jose convention center during the Embedded Systems Conference.

Philippe gave a nice presentation of his PC104-based mobile robot. The unit shows excellent craftsmanship including circular machined body components, circular circuit board that includes sensors and carries the PC104 CPU module, real DC gear motors with encoders, etc.

Pictures taken by Roger Arrick:
Picture of Philippe and Robot
Up Close of the Robot

Philippe's website:

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