No More Felgercarb By Your Command

Posted 3 Jul 2001 at 13:31 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Yes, rumor has it that Battlestar Galactica will ride again on the Fox network! There will be a two hour, $40M pilot, and there will probably be episodes to follow too. So far none of the old cast has been signed which may or may not be a good thing. The Cylons will include two eyed Terminator like cyborgs that are supposed to be faster, smarter, and deadlier and can even pose as humans. Now with all that slickness imagine throwing Dick Van Dyke into the mix as a guest star. No Really, He's signed to be in the pilot. Anyway, If you're up to it, you can help fight cylon tyrrany by joining in a grassroots letter campaign to revive BG. You can still check out a few of the old shows on the SciFi channel, but hurry, they lost their lease which will end soon. Of course my first memory of Battlestar Galactica was paying to see the movie (pilot?) in the theatre and then finding out it was going to be on TV next week! D'oh! I'm hoping this new BG won't be felgercarb!

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