Arms, Legs, Hands, and Eyes

Posted 16 Dec 2005 at 20:59 UTC by steve Share This

Rosalind Anscombe of OCRobotics writes, "OCRobotics has recently completed a contract with Comau Pico Inc. investigating the use of snake-arm robots for aerospace coating applications." See other snake-arm robots in the OCRobotics photo gallery. Rog-a-matic sent us a link to another story on the Bleex exoskelton legs that may soon allow soldiers to carry 200lbs backpacks. Kim Goosens let us know about the lastest Asimo developments (Flash 8 video) including the ability to run at up 6 kph, turn in place, turn while running, flirt with girls and hold hands. Speaking of Sony, we hear the Sony QRIO is now sporting a third eye. The creepy new feature is called a chameleon eye. Another reader submitted a story on the Cyberhand, a new prosthetic hand being developed in Europe that could provide toucing and feeling sensations to its users.

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