Cool Transformers Costumes Can Transform

Posted 26 Nov 2005 at 14:18 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Didn't all us geeks as kids love those little Hasbro Transformers toys? Well, I guess some more than others as the thrill is still very much alive in Halloween costumes. BoingBoing has an article about this guy that makes Transformers costumes that can really transform into cars and jets. What's "more than meets the eye", though is that these costumes can actually transform like those little toys into a plane or a car (one made of cardboard anyway). You could Of course make your own transformer costume out of cardboard and paint, but why, when Mark of Mark's Projects will make a Transformer costume for you for a cool $3,750! It's too late for this Halloween, but if you start now, perhaps after the new live action Transformers movie comes out in 2007, you could be the showstopper for your next costume party coming as Optimus Prime! You could even enter a Transformer's costume contest! Take your time, though, Mark says these things take like six months! If you do it yourself it'll probably take even longer. You don't want to do a crummy job either or you'll end up on the Bad Optimus page. Then you'd have to change your name.

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