Huitong: China's Martial Arts Robot

Posted 21 Sep 2005 at 20:49 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Chinese scientists have created and unveiled a humanoid robot that can do tai ji quan, a traditional Chinese form of shadow boxing and sword play. "Huitong" can walk, balance itself, see, hear, talk, touch, gesture, etc. It is about 3.5' tall, weights 63 kg and with its 32 degrees of freedom can walk with about a 15" step at a speed of 1 kilometer per hour.

Some video footage of them (or something close).., posted 23 Sep 2005 at 13:24 UTC by svo » (Master)

Here, on the FU- Fighters page, look for Lisbon 2004 video (available in wmv and mpg). It's about robot football competition, but has these funny humanoids in place of cheerleaders. They look very much like those in the article and their motion is indeed very smooth.

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