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Posted 14 Sep 2005 at 21:51 UTC by steve Share This

Tony Cheetham has created a new comic strip called Only Human, that puts a robot spin on current events. The strip is populated with evil robot overlords, some of whom have decided to become TV news anchors. We've posted the first installment of Tony's Only Human strip today. You can expect to enjoy a new Only Human comic a couple of times each week., for one, welcomes our new robot overlords. Tony is a keen robot enthusiast himself as well as a developer of database and web software. To find out a bit more about what's behind Only Human, read on...

Here's how Tony describes Only Human:

Only Human tracks the take-over of the planet Earth by Evil Robot Overlords, from the perspective of a news program. The robots attempt to integrate themselves into our culture and to help us to a certain degree (when it suits their needs). But it nearly always turns out for the worse, as their observations of humankind are badly skewed by their logical, straightforward view of life. They also suffer from a propensity to kill anything organic, as if disposing of a bug.

The strip often veers off to look at differing aspects of humanity, using topical news stories and special robotic guests to make its point, but more often than not, sinks to all kinds of levels to get a laugh. The strip is drawn from a robot's point of view, so graphics are kept to a minimum, as are facial expressions. Some think the graphics are simplistic, some say they add to the humour, I let people argue that out amongst themselves. There is already quite a large cast in the program, and there are many, many more characters waiting in the wings to make their first appearance. I couldn't put ONLY HUMAN into a particular category, but if I had to describe it in one word, it would be "satire".

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