Enon: Fujitsu's Robotic Store Escort

Posted 13 Sep 2005 at 12:52 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

I get lost in stores all the time, well not really, but if I did, I'd need Fujitsu's Enon robot to help guide me through. Enon stands for "exciting nova on network" which in marketing speak conveys the robot's ability to autonomously support customers' tasks while being linked to a network. Enon is 4 foot tall, rolls on wheels, has voice recognition capabilities, cameras and sensors. Enon can find itself around an office or store based on a map programmed inside its computer brain, move at a slow pace of up 1.86 miles an hour, and picks up things as heavy as 1.1 pounds. In a demonstration, the robot said to reporters in a female voice, "Hello. Welcome to Fujitsu. I'm enon. Are you a reporter?" impressing the reporters I'm sure. The article says it led the reporters down a hallway but failed to see a basket with pamphlets it was supposed to pick up. In another demonstration it picked up the basket and placed it on a table but then knocked over the table a couple of times. Fujitsu plans to sell about 20 or 30 of the robots in November for 6 million yen ($54,000) each, and already has received 10 orders so get yours while they last.

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