IQ Test for AI Devices

Posted 14 Aug 2005 at 03:26 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Traditional measures of human intelligence would often be inappropriate for systems that have senses (or ?sensors?) different from humans. So that's why researchers are working on an IQ test for AI. This new AI-IQ test would be specially designed to test the intelligence of various systems such as vision systems, robots, natural-language processing programs, etc. Other intelligence tests such as the famous Turing Test are limited in that they may try to reach a single goal such as convincing someone it's human but does little else to fully measure a device's intelligence. Hopefully, this new AI-IQ test will help quantify the intelligence of robotic or machine systems. One might then wonder what sort of social impact a robot's qualifying IQ number might have on a robot builder with his peers?!

Well now...., posted 15 Aug 2005 at 12:22 UTC by dogsbody_d » (Master)

I hope I'm not going to be socially embarrased, as some of us aren't trying to build things that are any more clever than ants. Will this test consider swarm intelligence?

Oh well, don't sweat it. This is another one of those minot paper things that get picked up by the "popular" press I suppose. Anyroad up, getting hung up on a definition of intelligence is a serious waste of time.

Interesting..., posted 15 Aug 2005 at 14:20 UTC by jeffkoenig » (Master)

Dogsbody_d brings up an interesting point - how do you test a hivemind?

I guess, like anything else. You arbitrarily select a goal, and see how successful competing systems are at achieving that goal.

(And yes, I'm still in the 'bugbot' stage. They display a bit of grace, but they are still bugbots.)

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