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Roboking Vacuum Finally Launched

Posted 10 Aug 2005 at 14:00 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

I4U says that the LG Roboking V-R4000 Floor Vacuum Robot has launched in Korea this past week. It looks a lot more refined than when we first reported it. Although, their slogan: "Relax, Just Let It Do." probably could use some more refining. On the LG website it says it features a high suction motor, 4 smart patterns to help it reach more of your carpet, HEPA filter, long life Lithium Polymer battery, and radio remote control with a 10M radius (I'm guessing that's Meters not Miles). Couldn't find a price on I4U's website but this site says it'll be around $1400 down from $3600 when we reported before! That's still much higher than iRobot's Roomba vacuum which sells in the $200 range. As far as claiming firsts, which appears to be common in the robot vacuum industry, they claim "It is the first time in the world that anyone has produced the new vacuum-cleaning robot incorporated with a gyro-sensor".

Yay! Another robot vacuum cleaner "First"!, posted 10 Aug 2005 at 15:30 UTC by jeffkoenig » (Master)

In a related "first", I bought my first Roomba yesterday at the DPRG RBNO (see

It's a lovingly pre-owned Pro Elite, and it will compliment the Scheduler model that I hope to purchase later this month.

I wonder how many hours will elapse before I take it completely apart the "first" time?

and more importantly..., posted 11 Aug 2005 at 05:33 UTC by Timster » (Master)

when your wife yells at you because the floor is dirty, how long before you can jam it all back together :)

We live and learn, posted 11 Aug 2005 at 13:42 UTC by dogsbody_d » (Master)

I was complimented the other day by my other half for finally realising that putting the thing back together is a part of "repairing" it - even if the repair didn't work.

Ooh - I'm carrying on for another paragraph. In this case, it was just a set-top box which had stopped working. I opened it up and just replaced the internal fuse. Didn't work, the fuse instantly blew. The point being, that previously I would have left the case open with the screws er... nearby while I tried to figure out what to do. It would have stayed like that for months until we bought a new one.

The new doggy_d methodology has me putting the case back together and putting all the screws back in even though it's not fixed. Oh, this has the bonus that you get to take it apart a lot more! :D

Added bonus..., posted 11 Aug 2005 at 13:54 UTC by jeffkoenig » (Master)

It's also a good way to not lose the little screws.

(Although I usually tape an unsightly bag containing extra parts to the top of whatever I'm "repairing").

Top Tips, posted 11 Aug 2005 at 17:41 UTC by dogsbody_d » (Master)

Another tip, depending on the thing you're destro^H^H^H^H^Hismantling is to leave the screws in the er... screw wells of one half of the case, and put masking tape over the holes.

That way, you don't lose the screws and you know what holes they're from. This can also make putting it back together easier. Or harder, admittedly :D

Worked on a computer monitor!, posted 14 Aug 2005 at 12:25 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

I worked on a computer monitor (and actually got it working btw) and was even able to get all the screws back in. (or so I think) :-) It was my wife's computer monitor so I got at least one "you're the man" point for doing that. Although, the whole time I was working on it, she was asking me what I was doing and why was I doing it and how long it was going to take etc, etc. I think each of my girls also came by and interrupted me while I was doing it too, but I don't mind, they're my girls ya know! While I was doing it, I knocked over a few things and damaged at least one thing lost a couple of the screws for a time but I found them, and probably put a big scratch in the dinner table. I had to solder a few connections to the VGA port that came loose on the back and in the process dropped my soldering iron a couple times. I didn't look to see if I melted any of the carpet but I probably did a little. But gosh darnit, I got the monitor working and I prevailed!!!!!!

Yay for modern hunter-gatherers!, posted 15 Aug 2005 at 12:25 UTC by dogsbody_d » (Master)

I have rarely felt more manly than when I repaired our Playstation 2. My other half is a gamer too btw.

Now if only I could fix our Freeview DVB box...

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