Return of the Actroids

Posted 28 Jul 2005 at 18:03 UTC by steve Share This

jlin and other readers sent a link to the BBC article on a female android named Repliee Q1. You may remember this robot from our 2003 story on Actroids. The robot is based on the Actroid robot from Kokoro. The prototype Repliee Q1 has 41 degrees of freedom and is actuated by compressed air. The silicone skin has embedded piezoelectric pressure sensors in 11 locations. There is also a Slashdot article on the Repliee Q1. For more photos and details on the Actroid version of the robot, see the Kokoro promotional brochure (PDF format).

slashdotted, posted 28 Jul 2005 at 18:05 UTC by steve » (Master)

It looks like the Osaku University link is slashdotted. It will probably be available again soon...

Repliee Q1's website has moved, posted 25 Aug 2005 at 17:59 UTC by macdorman » (Observer)

The new website is The android covered by the BBC story is Repliee Q1Expo, which was modeled on a NHK news anchor and was exhibited in Aichi, Japan at the World Expo. Repliee Q1 was modeled on the average female face.

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