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Posted 27 Jul 2005 at 15:44 UTC by steve Share This

Timster has started a new community website for owners of the White Box 914 PC-based robots. The site is intended to be a central location for news, resources, tools, and discussion about the White Box robots. Timster also runs the White Box sponsored website. For more details on the new site, see the complete news release on the site launch below. Community Site Goes Live!

Community tools and resources now available for enthusiasts and developers of the PC-BOTs revolution

26 July 2005 today announced the launch of a new robotics enthusiast website, targeted at audiences interested in creating PC-BOTs and exchanging ideas, support tips, photographs and more.

914 PC-BOTs combine the standards, functionality, connectivity and development environment of PC architecture with the advanced navigation and sensing technologies of the mobile robotics industry. 914 PC-BOTs, shipping in limited quantities this fall and available in volume early next year from White Box Robotics, are perceived by many as the next big thing in consumer and educational robots.

What the Sony PSP community has done for mobile media and gaming I see the 914 PC-BOTs community doing for robotics, said Timothy Brown, Managing Editor. was launched to facilitate that creative process of development and exchange for robotics and PC enthusiasts.

Were obviously pleased to see a site like rally behind our product, commented Thomas Burick, Founder of White Box Robotics. The 9-Series PC-BOTs were designed from the beginning to be hacked and built upon, and well encourage and support the community to be creative pioneers in this new industry.

As a community tool, will endeavor to cover several bases including keeping up-to-date on the latest developments of the 9-Series product and White Box Robotics the company, while highlighting the efforts and achievements of the public community. Site visitors will be able to view news, updates, and an ever expanding 914 PC-BOTs FAQ as well as discussion forums. Registered members (registration is free) will be able to have a more participatory role by posting questions to the FAQ, participating in the discussion forums, sharing info about their own projects, submitting news, accessing a shared file repository and much more.

About White Box Robotics White Box Robotics is setting the standard for an entirely new category within the mobile robotics industry. The company will deliver unprecedented value to enthusiasts, educators and OEM's through its PC-BOT platform. Their mission is to develop mobile robotic platforms that empower people by eliminating the difficult learning curve typically associated with building robots. For more information please visit:

About A community site to support robotic developments around the 914 PC-BOTs from White Box Robotics, is a sister site to, the popular robotics community news and information site. To participate in this exciting new community please be sure to visit:

Mind.Forth AI now links to 914 PC BOTS Community, posted 28 Jul 2005 at 13:36 UTC by AI4U » (Observer)

As a community member grateful for the First Amendment rights of free speech in this prestigious, influential forum at, today for the sake of "the robotic nutters who want to write their own software," while coding and updating Mind.Forth artificial intelligence I have added a link to the 914 PC BOTS Community website and I wish them every success in promoting mobile robotics. -Arthur (Mentifex/AI4U)

Revoke these Certifications, posted 29 Jul 2005 at 16:13 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

The following currently have certified AI4U.

Please, if you've certified one of those above, please remove certification back to observer so that we can kick AI4U off of this board!

Certifications only work when YOU actively participate in it.

Swirling certifications, posted 30 Jul 2005 at 15:01 UTC by steve » (Master)

Wow, remind me not to make the Swirling Brain mad... ;-)

Looks like enough certs changed to drop his level back to observer, but just barely. Spoon's cert was removed which carried a lot of trust. The sleve cert carries no trust since sleve is himself an observer. Any remaining trust flows from evilrobots and rudybrian, both of which have certified so many users that their certs aren't worth enough even together to reach the apprentice level. Looks like they both lost some certs from this as well though. AI4U appears to be hovering just slighly below the observer/apprentice threshhold. A single cert will probably be enough to push him over it again, so I suspect he'll be back.

Oops!, posted 31 Jul 2005 at 20:36 UTC by rudybrian » (Master)

Sorry, my bad... I just dropped this nutter's certification back to Observer.

Thanks everyone. MIND yourself and not to gloat., posted 31 Jul 2005 at 21:50 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Thanks everyone! Also, thanks to rudybrian & I've put your certification from me back up (I hope others do also). Hope it didn't cost you too many certs. Sorry to have to get that drastic.

It's good to see that people around here care enough to moderate down disruptive spammers like that. For now, it looks like AI4U has left the building. We'll have to watch to see what incarnation he will come back as? I figure it's just a matter of time with a person like that. It's simply awful that sometimes people go so far as to have to be moderated. I believe he was given sufficient warning by plenty of people. It's sad that it had to come to this.

Steve, I'm really harmless! :-) But, don't make me mad anyways because it might make me cry. ;'-(

So... Back to your regularly scheduled robots discussions!

Nothing more to see here move along.

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