Sharks with Frickin' Lasers on Their Heads

Posted 4 May 2005 at 23:07 UTC by steve Share This

Dr. Evil's favorite cyborg fish may be closer than you thought. A new Wired article talks about plans to augment animals with technology. The idea sounds a bit like David Brin's Uplift novels in which sentient patron races (like humans) help non-sentient races (like dolphins) attain sentience. The real scheme, proposed by James Auger is to improve on evolution by turning animals into cyborgs. He wants to start with simple things like a device that attaches to a dog's tail to translate tail wagging communications into English. After that? "Rodents zooming around with night-vision survival goggles, squirrels hoarding nuts using GPS locators and fish armed with metal detectors to avoid the angler's hook". Not surpisingly, his plans have stirred up quite a bit of ethical debate.

centurions, posted 5 May 2005 at 12:52 UTC by c6jones720 » (Master)

That sounds like that 1980's cartoon "The Centurions" where people and animals were turned into weapon wielding cyborgs

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