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Huygens Probe Returns Photos of Titan

Posted 16 Jan 2005 at 22:23 UTC by steve Share This

NASA has announced that the ESA Huygens probe successfully touched down on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan yesterday. The probe was carried to Titan by the NASA Cassini spacecraft which was launched in 1997 amid protests from environmentalists and luddites who believed it was going to kill everyone on Earth (they were mistaken, apparently). Huygens is begining to return some amazing views of Titan including panoramic views of the surface taken during the descent. The probe also recorded the sound of entering Titan's atmosphere (MP3 format). The probe carries a variety of sensors to learn more about the composition and density of Titan's atmosphere. Wind speed, light, and radiation will also be measured. An aerosol collector took gas samples during the descent which will be analyzed for signs of organic materials.

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