Mars May Soon Be Invaded By Gashoppers

Posted 28 Nov 2004 at 20:16 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Universe Today has an article about a new Mars concept robot called the Gashopper (not to be completely confused with the little green insect "Grasshoppers"). The gashopper robot would rove around Mars by hopping. To do this, it would first charge up its batteries by the solar panels (which double as wings). Then it would extract C02 gas from the Martian atmosphere and liquify it. When it had enough C02 gas (about a month?) it would heat up the CO2 and release it jetting high up into the air. Then using its solar panel wings it would soar and fly a ways for another landing location to study and land. Then the process would start all over again.

Maming the martians, posted 29 Nov 2004 at 22:14 UTC by Rog-a-matic » (Master)

This cool but I see a problem. What happens in 50 years with the Indians or South Africans go to Mars and one of the crew finds one of these old bots, takes it back to the camp and stores it only to be awakened in the night by the roof being blown off the bio dome - there goes our precious 02 supply!

Seriously, I hope this thing has a clearly marked disarm switch and the launch is preceeded by a flashing light and alarm. Or someone's gonna get hurt!


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