VersaLogic Gecko EPIC SBC

Posted 18 Sep 2004 at 19:45 UTC by steve Share This

VersaLogic has introduced a new EPIC form-factor SBC called the Gecko. EPIC boards are 4.5 x 6.5 inches and the new Gecko controller offers lots of I/O that will be interesting to robot builders. The CPU used is a 366MHz AMD Geode GX-500 and Linux is supported. The board supports of up 512MB of RAM and includes AGP video, LCD support, 10/100 Ethernet, an 8 channel 12 bit A/D converter, 16 digital I/O lines, AC97 audio, four USB ports, an IDE controller, 2 RS-232 ports, 2 RS-422/485 ports, a PC parallel port, PS/2 style keyboard and mouse ports, and a PC/104 expansion connector. The board will be a bit pricey, however, at $650 in OEM quantities.

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