Telepathy-enabled Quantum Minds

Posted 31 Aug 2004 at 22:38 UTC by steve Share This

Ben Goertzel of the Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute (AGIRI) has released a new essay titled, Kinds of Minds . In it he expounds on different types of minds, which he defines as "patterns associated with intelligent systems". Beyond defining the term, he proposes a number of mind types including singly embodied (one mind per brain like humans have) vs multiply embodied (one mind spread across the brains of multiple robots). His mind ontology expands from there to include ideas seemingly drawn from Science Fiction. He suggests telepathy-enabled minds and a "mindplex" which is a sort of meta-mind composed of many smaller, individual minds. He also touches briefly on the issue of whether or not consciousness is quantum-based and therefore not possible for machine intelligence. Ben concludes with the claim that he's building a telepathy-enabled mind of his own called the Novamente AI Engine. Sorry, no details on how the telepathy works but you can read a general overview of the system's architecture in this IJCAI paper (PDF format).

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