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Huggable Homegrown Humanoids

Posted 26 May 2004 at 19:59 UTC by steve Share This

"If robots do rise up and take over the world, we should cross our fingers that they were designed in Japan." So begins a new article from the Japanese website. It goes on to compare the "huggable homegrown humanoids" of Japan to the "robots lurching out of Europe and the United States" that it describes as mobile computers. The article talks about the usual suspects, the Asimo, QRIO, and Wakamaru, as examples.

whats the best that we have?, posted 27 May 2004 at 04:24 UTC by Dozier » (Apprentice)

can anyone list any american companies that are rolling out ANY bipedal robots? as a soon to graduate EE, i would be interested in what US companies are developing bipedal humanoid robots.

completely agree, posted 27 May 2004 at 17:13 UTC by outsider » (Journeyer)

I'm european and I agree that japanese are the best when developing REAL robots. Here most of AI scientists try to avoid the construction of robots and use simulations. There is a big step between simulations and a physical robot. And there is another BIG step between constructing a physical robot, and making a production of it. Japanese do it up to the last phase and send it to you by mail in 24h. Also the quality of the robot is very very high. I have checked this by buying an Aibo robot, and its design is amazing. They are the best.

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