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Posted 28 Apr 2004 at 17:24 UTC by steve Share This

Charles C. Mann has written a new Wired article that offers an intriguing overview of the latest research into automated, open ocean aquaculture. Robot caretakers would manage giant, floating fish farms that would drift between continents. This approach could eliminate problems of previous attempts at large-scale aquaculture which relied on fixed pens near the shoreline which produced huge amounts of pollution, lowered the values of shorefront real estate, and frequently failed due to overcrowding of the fish. For more information on this new project, visit the University of New Hampshire Open Ocean Aquaculture Project website.

Now we're talking useful!, posted 28 Apr 2004 at 18:06 UTC by tim.holt » (Journeyer)

I really think this kind of thing is where useful robotic applications lie. Basically the mundane and simple tasks such as monitoring a fish farm, or even doing pest and weed removal from a conventional land farm (or garden). It would be nice to see some AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) manufacturers move into this kind of realm and away from the highly specialized and scientific/military area of application.

And when someone can make a $100-200 robot that can patrol my garden and get slugs, find spots that need water, and pull weeds, it's a deal. And if it can get dog poop too? Fantastic :^)

I think that one that could, posted 28 Apr 2004 at 18:55 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

I think that a robot that could chase cats out of the yard would be good. I am tired of people that let the cats loose, digging holes around the yard, and leaving poop about. But as soon as your dog escapes out of the house without a leash you get ten complaints against you.

Humm..., posted 28 Apr 2004 at 18:57 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

I sort of answered my own question as to what I might do with a 200 pound robot at home. Humm. Time for some good ol'fashioned cat chasing, robot style. :)

AIBO poop?, posted 28 Apr 2004 at 22:28 UTC by roschler » (Master)

Does the AIBO leave little batteries on the carpet sometimes? :)

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