Design and Use Paradigms for Gazebo

Posted 12 Feb 2004 at 00:52 UTC by steve Share This

Player/Stage has emerged as one of the leading candidates for an open, standardized robot control and simulation interface. Player is control software with built-in support for a wide range of robots, sensors, and actuators. Stage is a multi-robot simulation environment designed to simulate large populations of robots. There is also a lesser known component called Gazebo that is fully compatible with Stage but designed to simulate small populations of robots with much higher fidelity. The USC Robotics Lab has released a new technical report entitled, Design and Use Paradigms for Gazebo, an Open Source Multi-Robot Simulator. The paper sites examples such as the use of Gazebo to simulate the dynamic balancing properties of the Segway RMP. Player/Stage is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.

Trouble accessing USC page, posted 12 Feb 2004 at 17:54 UTC by onnimikki » (Master)


Is anyone else having trouble accessing the USC robotics server?

PDF file..., posted 12 Feb 2004 at 20:03 UTC by steve » (Master)

That document is a PDF file (sorry, I usually note that in the articles), so you probably would have some trouble loading it if you don't have a PDF plug-in. Here's a link to the main USC Robotics web page:

Now it's working... , posted 13 Feb 2004 at 13:27 UTC by onnimikki » (Master)

The PDF wasn't the problem (I'm running Mac OS X, which integrates PDF really well). I couldn't even ping their web server. Now it's all good. :-)

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