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Mars Rovers Are Almost There!

Posted 3 Dec 2003 at 05:56 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This has an article reminding us that the Mars rover teams are getting ready for the soon arrival of the rovers to the cold Red planet. Basically the ESA rover will get there first around Christmas, and then the Nasa's rover Spirit should arrive around January 3rd, and then Nasa's rover Opportunity will arrive around January 24th. Nasa scientists hope there won't be any gusts of wind or a big hard rock to bust a robot gut on. Everyone says they're ready for the landings so let's hope everything's A-OK. Japan's Mars probe may not make it. It's unlikely, but if it does survive, the Nozomi (translated hope) rover will arrive around December 14th.

Mars Attacks Mars, or RoboWars on Mars?, posted 3 Dec 2003 at 07:37 UTC by Frank McNeill » (Apprentice)

Will there be turf wars on Mars the way there were between the various explorers of the "New World?" If so, what channel to I tune in on to watch the show?

First Pic, posted 3 Dec 2003 at 16:31 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

CNN shows a first photo taken by one of the space ships headed to Mars.

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